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Policy Program responds to the urgent need to ensure that national and regional HIV/AIDS policies in Russia and Ukraine reflect the needs and interests of various sectors (i.e. government, business, medical workers, scientists, civil society, people living with HIV/AIDS, etc.), as well as vulnerable and high-risk populations, such as injecting drug users and sex workers. GBC works with policymakers in Russia and Ukraine to ensure that legislation and policy implementation meet international best practices on human rights and individual privacy, stigma, treatment access, and participation of civil society, including people living with HIV/AIDS, in the policy process. Policy program aimed at motivating, informing, consulting, and providing managerial support to the following Parliamentary Working Groups and other coordination structures on HIV/AIDS:

Russian Interfactional Deputies’ Working Group on HIV/AIDS


The Corporate Strategies and Member Services department (CSMS) is the primary contact for the members of Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GBC).

CSMS works to provide tailored support to member companies in the development of programs on HIV/AIDS,Tuberculosis and other social diseases (in coopertaion with KEP department), and to recruit new members to GBC. The main areas of the department's activities include:

Agenda setting:
Support members in defining prioirties and developing advanced and ongoing agendas on fighting social diseases as part of company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda.

Partnership building:
Coordinate platforms for strategic partnership building and enhanced networking between members and with NGO, government and multi-lateral partners to increase program effectiveness.

Collective action initiatives:
Strategically match up member companies in developing and coordinating joint initiatives to address social diseases.

CSMS team also supports National Association “Business for Healthy Society”, local network of Russian and international companies, business associations and labor unions.

National Association "Business for Healthy Society"


The Knowledge, Evaluation and Performance team in Moscow works to disseminate expertise, stimulate innovation and generate results in the business actions to reduce influence of HIV/AIDS and TB epidemics, alcohol, drug abuse and other risky behaviors in Russia and CIS.

Knowledge management: Improvement, development and increased impact of corporate workplace programs on HIV, TB, alcohol and drug abuse prevention on the basis of HEALTH@WORK Program experience and materials.

Member services: In conjunction with CSMS team in Russia, provide services to companies and groups of companies to strengthen their actions and build their capacity to act on HIV/AIDS, TB, related diseases and risky behaviors. We provide in-depth support for strategically chosen activities that serve members collectively, including HEALTH@WORK Program workshops, seminars and trainings and other events for specific industries/sectors.

Capacity-building of partners: Strengthen the capacity of regional and local services providers to deliver workplace prevention and education programs by building technical knowledge and practical skills of private sector, governmental medical institutions (AIDS Centers), NGOs.

Member company actions are strengthened through the provision of technical services by the KEP department, including consultancy and capacity building in workplace prevention through HEALTH@WORK Program. The team provides in-depth support for strategically-chosen activities that serve members collectively and works to facilitate member-to-member transfer of knowledge and experience.

"HEALTH@WORK" Employee Education Program


Mass Media and Public Awareness Program helps fill the information void on HIV/AIDS and counter the stigma associated with the epidemic in Russia and Ukraine. Together with our international and local partners, we develop and implement coordinated, cross-platform, multi-year public awareness campaigns aimed at slowing the spread of HIV/AIDS by addressing both the general population and high-risk groups (including youth). Through public education efforts we work to change public attitudes and influence behavior in ways that reduce the spread of HIV and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS.

Russian Media Partnership to Combat HIV/AIDS

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